Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Top 5 Lists

Happy New Year we’re still here!! Here’s hoping things got better for you in 2010. They sure did for me and for that I am VERY thankful. The Love Family is doing well, collectively and individually. I’m still having fun with ALL KINDSA GIRLS, my radio show (, and I returned to the stage last summer in Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Nile. All in all it was a pretty good year, but good or bad, every year is made richer by films, books, records and shows- the best of which, in my opinion, are below. Not everything on these lists came out in the last 12 months, but that’s when I discovered them. So, unsolicited and humbly submitted, and for the first time with click-on hyperlinks, here are my 2010 Top 5’s:


A Prophet (globalism conquers a French prison)

Winter’s Bone (this is the Ozarks on meth)

The Town (terrifying townies)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (rock & roll comic book)

Fish Tank (Good Times these ain’t)


Bandslam (why wasn’t The Runaways this fun)

Big Fan (as in fanatic)

Terribly Happy (Danish noir)

Repo! The Genetic Opera (horr-opera? operagore?)

Passing Strange (bohemian rhapsody)


The Genuine Fakes- “The Striped Album” (Power Pop Lives!-- in Sweden)

Hoodoo Gurus- Purity Of Essence (Rock Gods from Oz)

Paul Collins- King of Power Pop (Long live the King!)

Merrymakers- Bubblegun (100% guaranteed to live up to their name)

The Cute Lepers- Smart Accessories (Steve E. Nix rockin’ for the USA)


This Is Where I Leave You- Jonathan Tropper (shiva-larity!)

The Millennium Trilogy- Stieg Larsson (Lisbeth today’s Holden Caufield?)

Freedom- Jonathan Franzen (where we are- right here, right now)

American Rust- Philipp Meyer (industrial revulsion)

Bangkok 8- John Burdett (Det. Sonchai Jitpleecheep rules!)


Buffy The Vampire Slayer Seasons 5-7 (a Love family fave!)

The Wire Seasons 4-5 (it’s all in the game)

Generation Kill (“we fought retarded”)

Skins Vol. 1 (suffer the children)

Lost Season 6 (it all ends in a blink)

I’ve compiled all past Top 5 Lists at this blog: Please feel free to share your best of 2010- I’m always on the lookout for quality viewing, listening and reading material. Here’s wishing you all the best in 2011!!