Saturday, February 14, 2009

2004 Top 5 Lists

I can’t say I’m sorry to see the end of 2004. For various reasons the year already wasn’t going very well, then it finishes with one of the worst natural disasters of all time. Such suffering makes nearly everything else seem trivial, so I wasn’t sure I’d send out a list this year. Yet, the selections in my yearly “Top 5’s” are very important to me, perhaps even more so in years like 2004. So, I humbly submit the films, albums and books that, regardless of when they were actually released, made a considerable impression on me in the last twelve months. Please feel free to respond with a list of your own.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…& Spring (a film/poem)
Mean Creek (who’s the bully?)
We Don’t Live Here Anymore (love on the rocks)
The Return (from Russia with love)
Dogville (our town?)

Freaks & Geeks Complete Series (the ultimate American coming-of-age story)
The Office Seasons 1&2 (it hurts sometimes, but you still can’t look away)
Broken Wings (universal family struggle)
Barbarians At The Gate (son redeems father and vice-versa)
Carandiru (scared straight)

Green Day- American Idiot (historical record of our times)
Sloan- Action Pact (Canadians rock too, eh?)
Wire- Chairs Missing (post punk original)
The Muffs- Really Really Happy (they ain’t kiddin’!)
Descendents- Cool To Be You (punk rock for adults)

Little Children- Tom Perrotta (parents are people too)
The Odd Sea- Frederick Reiken (little boy lost)
Lullaby- Chuck Palahniuk (I don’t even want to know where his inspiration comes from)
The Color Midnight Made- Andrew Winer (enter Conrad’s world)
Vernon God Little- DBC Pierre (misanthropy & mendacity- over the top or right on target?)

Happy New Year- I wish you all the best in 2005.

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